Adidas Golf

Adidas Golf

I'm so excited because next week is Women With Drive's first event of the year! It'll be a great event with 40 or so millennial women sharing their love for the game!

My former co-worker and good friend, MiKaela, had shown interest in golf after her first time at Topgolf. She's been back a few times, but that's been her only golfing experience. Once she heard about the event, she signed up regardless of never playing before! She can't wait to meet other cool women who love golf to inspire her to play.

Luckily, I've teamed up with adidas golf who has provided lessons, clubs, and apparel for MiKaela. Our mission is to promote women's golf and encourage more females to start playing!

MiKaela's first lesson was with Teresa at Castle Oaks Golf Club in Ione, CA. Teresa was amazing! She started her on short game instead of the range which I thought was genius. Teresa wanted to teach her the basic fundamentals in a short chip shot first, and then build up to bigger swings on the range in following lessons. 

I had a great time watching Teresa teach MiKaela. I re-learned some great tips myself, especially ones I can offer to any beginners at our Women With Drive event!

MiKaela nailed down her chipping technique. Some key points are:

•Keep the "Y" or "V" shape with your arms constant throughout the swing

•Grip the club in the position your hands fall when they are naturally at your sides

•Slow the tempo down. No need to go Mach 10 speed when the target is only 10 yards away!

•Don't let your wrist break at impact. Keep the back of your hand going toward the target.

•Turn your body toward the target on your downswing and hold the finish!


Of course I got some practice in too while we were there! 😊 

Stay tuned to find out about MiKaela's progress and more tips! If you love our outfits, use code NIKKIB20 for 20% off your order at!