Why I Play Golf

This weekend, I had the most fabulous time playing with three Women With Drive members at Haggin Oaks Golf Course for the Mark McEvoy Legacy Foundation Clover Cup. It's so awesome finding other young women to play golf with, since it isn't the most popular thing for young women to do. I asked these three women why they play golf and loved their answers too much to not share!

Meet Dalene!

"I feel at home on the golf course! I started playing golf as a little girl with my dad, grandparents, great aunts and uncles. So many great memories!
Now, I love the social aspect of golf and meeting new people who have the same passion I do for golf. And who doesn't love a little bit of friendly competition on the course!"

Meet Julie!

"I started playing golf, per my Dad's suggestion, as another way to get active outdoors. Golf is a sport that is a great way to meet new people and a fun social activity for family, friends, dating, business networking and more. I liked the appeal of golf, in that it is another activity I can do for many years to come, like skiing. Plus, there are so many beautiful courses all over the country and world, it would be fantastic to play golf wherever I travel to!"


Meet Amanda!

"I started playing golf because I love being in nature and there's nothing more gratifying than hitting a crisp, clean shot. The more I got into the sport, I learned it's a great way to meet and connect with people. It's also turned out to be very instrumental in the success of my career, especially as a woman. I could go on and on because the perks of golf are just a never-ending list!"

Why I Play!

I started playing golf because I wanted something that was MY own- something I could control. I grew up playing basketball and theater and was sick of not getting play time or chosen for a lead role when I worked hard to do so. I was a natural so I was quickly hooked. I fell out of love with it in college when it became more of a job than a hobby, but back in love once I realized my college career was coming to an end and it was the only thing I was really passionate about. Without golf, I would not be the driven, mature, outgoing young woman I am today. I learned so many valuable lessons as a kid- integrity, honesty, critical thinking, teamwork- and still do today. Now I play because it's a game I can play with anyone- my dad, my boyfriend, my girlfriends, juniors, strangers, whoever! Any skill level can play at any age. It's such a social sport that many people can connect to, whether they are just a fan who watches occasionally or an avid player. My goal to share my passion and grow the sport within millennials and women is why I play golf. 


It's so fantastic these ladies are into the sport and realizing what a vital tool it is in the business industry, like for networking and socializing! More brands are realizing they need to market to women better, especially millennial women. adidas golf is one of those brands doing just that! Thank you to adidas golf for outfitting me the past few months, sending a set of clubs to my friend, MiKaela, and promoting women's golf! Visit adidasgolf.com if you like my polo or the dress Amanda is wearing! Use code NikkiB20 for 20% off your order!