Fitness For Golf

Fitness is a big part of my life, as it is a vital tool to play good golf! Admittedly, getting myself to work out is difficult but once I'm in the moment, I thrive! I especially love the endorphin high after! I mix up my routine by switching between kickboxing, running, regular weight lifting, and at-home work outs when I can't make time for the gym or a long run. One of my favorite quick, full-body, dynamic work outs is:

-20 Jumping Jacks

-20 Plank Jacks

-20 Squat Jumps

-10 Burpees

Do this work out three times for a perfect high-intensity yet quick work out. Please note I am not a certified trainer so this is only an example of what I do and I can not make any promises that doing this work out will result in change!

I always feel my best when I'm in a great outfit like this one. I'm also happy "athleisure" is actually a trendy and appropriate every day look. Yay work out clothes! Shop this look by clicking on the images!

Thank you to Kirsten from Twenty Two Hues for these photos!

Train hard, run fast, and have fun!