Golf Spectator Fashion

One question I get a ton, especially from non-golfers, is “what do I wear to a golf tournament?”. This makes sense because one of my highest viewed blog posts is “What’s In My Bag? What I Bring to a Golf Tournament”. That post definitely needs to be updated! If you like this post, I’ll be sure to update the “what’s in the bag, so let me know what you think!

Below are my biggest tips for what to wear to a golf tournament!

1 - Please, for the love of your feet, DON’T WEAR WEDGES OR HEELS. I swear one of my biggest pet peeves at golf tournaments is when women wear wedges or heels. Yes, you look super cute. But most likely you will be walking A LOT when going to a golf tournament. Hence why I go for sneakers rather than sandals or any other shoe. It’s not like a basketball game where you get out of the car, walk to your seat, and sit the whole game. There are 18 holes stretched over about 5-7 miles with upwards of 156 golfers playing in threesomes or twosomes over 4-5 hours each. A golf tournament lasts ALL DAY over a VAST amount of land. Yes, there are seats but you’ll have to walk up and down hills in the grass at some point - trust me. This ain’t my first rodeo.

2 - Bring LAYERS. Unless it really is over 80 degrees with no chance of wind, bring layers. Another pet peeve of mine is not being able to regulate my body temperature. I’m like Goldilocks, y’all. Not too hot, not too cold, I like to be juuuuuust riiiiight. I usually run hot, but even I make sure to bring a jacket. When outside, the wind could pick up or the sun could be covered by clouds or you could be hanging in a shady spot or it could start raining! The elements are endless so an outer layer that you can tie around your waist or purse is a life saver.

3 - Wear sunscreen and BRING A HAT! I know, I know, you want your hair to look super cute but let me tell you a flaky, burnt scalp is not cute! Not to mention a burned face! The older I get, the smarter I get about sun protection. I absolutely hate when I get sunburnt because I know how easily one burn can turn into skin cancer. Not to mention early on-set wrinkles! Please, protect your skin even on a cloudy or rainy day! A hat is also great for when it gets windy or rains, and your hair gets all messed up. So do yourself a favor, and just bring a damn hat. And sunscreen!

4 - Bring a CLEAR bag! Unfortunately security at tournaments are crackin’ down on bags. Although it’s for our protection and safety, it gets annoying when you pack your favorite purse with all your things, just to be forced to check it in before you enter the tournament. However, there are plenty of cute, practical, clear bags out there these days. The smaller the better too!

My go-to outfit is sneakers, jeans or leggings, a t-shirt or tank, jacket, and a hat. Make sure you don’t forget the clear bag and sunscreen too! I also enjoy bringing some snacks - bars are life savers when all they offer is hot dogs.

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Hope this helps and have fun!