Nicolette Bondura

My Most Memorable Round of Golf at Cypress Point!

Nicolette Bondura
My Most Memorable Round of Golf at Cypress Point!

What's up guys! I experienced the most amazing round of golf earlier this month at Cypress Point in Pebble Beach, California. I can't believe I was even lucky enough to play one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world- even some professional golfers have been denied to play there! If you don't know what Cypress Point is, come out from under your rock and Google it. Or just keep reading on to find out more about the course, and my time there :)

We were the first group to tee off on February 15th, 2016 just as the sun was rising. I couldn't have asked for a cooler first tee shot. My excitement was building so much before my first tee shot, that I felt as if I was teeing off in a tournament!

Here is a shot of the sun rising through the trees just to the right of the first green. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself

My drive ended up perfectly just right of the fairway in the rough

Can you see I can't contain my enthusiasm?! :) This is on the 1st green- can't beat that ocean view!


This is a video of the superintendent's dog, Remington. Needless to say he was the cutest lab ever and I wanted him! You can see how fresh the fairway is in this video as well. The superintendent is the one who got us on, so a HUGE thank you to him!

Here is a picture of our fab foursome of the day on the 3rd tee box! Myself and my dad with our friends- it was a daddy daughter day! <3

If you didn't selfie, did it even happen? *still can not contain enthusiasm*

This is me with our caddy, Ray. He was the absolute COOLEST! He has been working at Cypress for over 40 years! Needless to say, he knew the course BETTER than the back of his hand. He had so many stories for us- from the history of the course, to the history of the area, to the nature and animals surrounding the course. Not to mention he was hilarious! He had me laughing all day long which is something I need from a caddy during a round of golf! If you ever have a chance to play there, and can request what caddy you want, request Ray! Although I am sure all of them are just as amazing :)

Of course Dad had to get his selfie in! Two peas in a pod!

Here is a picture of #8 from the tee box. It's a funky dog leg hole. I hit my 3 wood off the tee and went through the fairway- luckily I landed it on the fairway of #9 though! No bunkers or schwack for me!


Here is a shot from the 12th fairway looking down to the green. Oh yeah, and the ocean. Ocean views EH-VER-Y-WHERE. Rough, I know.

More ocean for ya.

Hello from 13 green :) The warm layers came off even before we got to 9. It was a gorgeous day- maybe the most gorgeous day I've ever seen in Pebble!

Here is a great picture of my dad, me, and Ray!


Absolutely gorgeous. If you are in Pebble Beach area, be sure to check out 17 mile drive. You will drive right here on this road along the beach the whole way.

Probably going to get this picture blown up. I have never seen the water so BLUE in Pebble Beach/Monterrey in my whole life. It was the perfect weather and weekend to say the least.

These cypress trees are so cool. That is all one tree. Yep. One! Our caddy Ray told us that the Native Americans used to live under these trees because they would provide such great protection against the wind, sun, and rain. I would live under a tree too if it meant waking up to the ocean every morning!


Crushed it. #14

#15 tee shot. Such a cool par 3. Along the water (of course), with a gully right in front of the green.

Me and Daddio on #15 tee box

Here's the gully in front of the green on #15

Birdie, birdie, birdie time!

COOLEST SELFIE EVER?! This is #16- one of the most notorious holes in golf! It is a 222 yard par 3 (4 for ladies). And yes, you have to hit over the ocean to get it on the fairway and green. It looks intimidating but isn't too bad- unless you're a novice. Then beware! I got screwed by my tee shot on this hole- piped my driver but it ended up just left into the left green side bunker and then my sand game sucked so bad that I doubled. BOOOOOO. Normally, I'd be really pissed (and I was!) but I wouldn't let that mess up get me down for the rest of the round. Gotta finish strong! Also, how could I be upset when I'm on one of the most beautiful places on the planet?

All smiles :)

Speaking of not getting upset, here is a placard on the 17th tee box. I don't think there is a cooler place to pass on. Really makes you think about not stressing over the small things in life- like getting screwed over when you hit a good tee shot :) May Mr. Bearden rest in peace.


Here is my tee shot on 17. I hit it center. Note to self- there is a tree in the middle of the fairway in front of the green. Either hit it on the left side or right side of the fairway- center is not good!

Here is the only picture I got of the clubhouse. It has a multi-million dollar west-facing view of the ocean (of course). It reminded me of a southern plantation, with the white exterior and green trim on the windows. Didn't get a chance to go in. The locker room however had everything imaginable- candy, bottled water, sunscreen. Can't say I didn't take a few things! :) The one thing we missed out on were the fresh chocolate chip cookies on #12. There is a guy who bakes these cookies fresh every day but he doesn't show up until late morning. Don't miss out on these cookies, I heard they are to die for!

With an 84, I was a happy camper. Only because I beat my dad! :) I was one under on the back nine until I went double, bogey, bogey on the last three holes. I wish I would've done better but hey, it's Cypress.

A delicious burger and AP to finish off the (al)most perfect day at Poppy Hills.

I'm so lucky I got to spend the day playing such a prestigious course, on a gorgeous day, with great people. Nothing beats that.

Nikki B out!