Nicolette Bondura

Cobra Bio Cell Jr Driver Nikki-B Golf Reviews

Nicolette Bondura
Cobra Bio Cell Jr Driver Nikki-B Golf Reviews

What’s up guys! You guessed it, Nikki B here :)

This review is for my junior golfers out there!

Kids, who is the coolest, hippest guy out on tour?! (Is hip even a thing anymore?). I wouldn’t be surprised if you said Rickie Fowler! Rickie has single-handedly made the game of golf fun again for young kids due to his accomplishments at such a young age, his drive, charisma, bright and fun fashion, and his dashing good looks. Swoon <3

*Ahem* Anyway, a big trend for junior golfers is wearing his signature orange attire and flat bill hat.

So wouldn’t you want to use the same equipment he uses too?


The Cobra Bio Cell Junior Driver has the same exact technology  and adjustability that Rickie’s driver has, just at a lighter weight for the average junior’s smaller build.

The Bio Cell can be adjusted to 8 different loft settings designed for higher launch and greater ball speed so you can hit it past everyone in your group. Boom.


The best part about this driver is that Cobra offers one free shaft upgrade that way Mom and Dad don’t have to break the bank once you grow out of it. You’re welcome, Mom and Dad. But when you grow you will need bigger Rickie vibrant orange shoes and golf clothes. Can’t help you with that one, Mom and Dad.

But I can help you make their day. Your little one will be happy with the Cobra Bio Cell Junior Driver. And you’ll be happy when you can brag about how great he or she is hitter their driver and just blasting it past the other kids :)


Check out the Cobra Bio Cell Junior Driver at

Until next time, drive for show (20 yards further than the kids in your group with the Bio Cell).