Painting the Town Pink at the Swinging Skirts Classic in San Francisco

Painting the Town Pink at the Swinging Skirts Classic in San Francisco

Hello friends!

What a weekend! Incredible doesn't even begin to describe the weekend I had at the Swinging Skirts Classic. To begin the weekend, Kia sent me a sweet Optima to drive to the city in.

Day 1! 

I loved the Optima so much. Not only was the interior beautiful, but it was turbo- aka I tested it out on the freeway. Just kidding, Kia. Or am I? ๐Ÿ˜‰ This car was so cool because it fit so much in the trunk- one set of clubs, three duffles, one big reusable shopping bag, two pillows and two blankets. It was the perfect road trip car! Once we got to the city, we checked out all of the cool spots at the tournament at Lake Merced.

I loved this K900! It is Kia's luxury car- LeBron James even drives one! Wish I could've taken it home with me

What's cool about this tournament is all of the artwork. There are these cool animal statues all around the course with beautiful coloring and patterns. I had to give a shoutout to my girl Michelle Wie! #TeamWiezy Then we checked in and went out sightseeing and got a BOMB dinner at Delarosa in the Marina district.

I highly suggest you check this place out if you want some good pie! The appetizer is a bruschetta with cheese, honey, and pecans. YUM! Get this bruschetta if you don't get anything else.

After dinner, we took the Optima to explore the city a little bit down by the water in the Ghirardeli Square. There is a pier down below that I suggest you check out to get some cool shots of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge!


Day 2!

Friday was so cool because my friend Rocky and I got to walk inside the ropes with Michelle Wie! Huge thank you to Kia for making that happen. It was so inspiring to see how the LPGA pros play the game up close and personal. It was a little rainy and windy but that didn't stop us! Being collegiate golfers and having to play in less than perfect conditions from time to time made us prepared for a little sprinkle โ˜”๏ธ

For our nightly activity- we had to go to a Giants game! Even if you are not a Giants or baseball fan, going to a game is a must when visiting the city! We went to "Golf Night" presented by Swinging Skirts. Big thank you again to Kia who got us the tickets!

We also met a friend at the game. This is Bailey. I'm pretty sure he's part dog, part panda (very fitting for a Giants game) and part polar bear. Maybe also part lion. Him and I both stick our tongues out when we are thirsty for beer (and yes he did drink the last of my beer while I wasn't looking. What a sneaky Bailey!)

Day 3! 

Saturday we were up and at 'em and off to Lake Merced Golf Course once again. We stopped off at this quaint coffee shop called Village Market near Presidio area. They had the best almond croissants! ๐Ÿ˜‹

Then we took the Optima to the spectator parking lot where we hitched a ride in the sweet K900. Our driver Simon from Drive Shop was the best!

Once we got to the course, we headed for the Skybox to watch some golf and eat some lunch. After lunch, we went out and watched Michelle Wie finish her round. Then we headed out for the day to get ready for a fun night. We went to a piano bar at Foley's in Union Square and it was SO MUCH FUN! If you've never been to a piano bar I highly recommend going to one! Foley's was so cool because we ate dinner at the restaurant there (which was delicious! I got the filet mignon which was cooked to perfection) then we headed downstairs to the underground piano bar. It's basically like the Pitch Perfect pool riff on steroids. If you love music and classics, then this is a must for you! Here's me trying to be a super cool blogger but then getting pics that come out like these. And no I didn't even up wearing that- instead it was t-shirt and jeans and those booties.  At least I tried ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผ

Day 4! 

Final day in the city! I must say it was a good final day. We skipped the golf tournament to do some sight-seeing.

First was a little jog around the Marina. The Palace of Fine Arts is a pretty outdoor museum that you should check out in in SF.

After our work out, we brunched at The Brixton in the Marina Dirrict. We arrived at 10:55am which was perfect because it opened at 11! If you go here, that is the perfect time to arrive because there won't be a wait for a table. We both ordered an eggs Benedict and split the Nutella and banana stuffed French toast because hello- brunch. I highly recommend the French toast. The Benedict were a little bland for my taste but I love spice so I just loaded it up win some hot sauce. Overall it was delish and the waitress was a homie (she got us regular sugar for our coffee from the back because apparently they only believe in artificial sugar here).

Warning! It is a tad hoity-toity there and fratty (as is all of the Marina and Pac Heights) but if you can get past that then you'll have a good time. We may have looked like we fit in but I'm just not cool enough for that. If you want to know what bloggers really look like when they take pictures of their food, see below. Or maybe it's just me ๐Ÿค”

After breakfast we painted the town pink in my tulle pink ballerina skirt in honor of the "Swinging Skirts." I think it was fitting don't you?

Now this was so cool. This balcony is on top of a house that is for sale for $9M. It was fate that we stumbled upon this open house. For more picture of this gorgeous home, you can check it out here.  

Also this chair was just randomly sitting outside these homes on the sidewlk. It's almost like they left it out for us for the perfect photo op!  Once again, huge thanks to my friend Rocky (@rockellesande9) for snapping all of these amazing pictures, Kia for having me out at the Swinging Skirts Classic and congrats to Haro Nomura for winning!

Left my โค๏ธ in SF.