Golf Fitness

A regular fitness regimen is very important for golfers to enhance stamina, endurance, power, flexibility, balance and more. Incorporating a variety of work outs is great to exercise different parts of the body in different ways. For me personally, I mix it up between kickboxing, running, lifting weights, and yoga. Cardio is great for stamina and endurance, weights is great for power and recovery, and yoga is great for flexibility and balance.

In addition to the work outs, stretching before and after is very important! Golfers need their muscles to be loose during the golf swing. You can skip stretching in yoga as you do that during the entire flow, but I always stretch before and after doing cardio and weights. My favorite way to stretch and massage my muscles is with a foam roller. I make sure to roll out my hip flexors, glutes, shoulders, and back because those are the areas that are most prone to pain. For my shoulders and thoracic spine, I love doing "angels" with the foam roller under my spine. I also like rolling from center with one arm up to the side to really dig deep into my upper back and shoulders as shown above!

TBH, I'm the worst at core exercises! However, they are super important for good rotation in the golf swing and preventing back injury. I've been trying to incorporate more core into all of my work outs - even if I add just one minute at the end of every work out. Planks are a basic core exercise but with the correct form and variations, it can build overall strength!

Yoga has become one of my favorite work outs! It's crazy how difficult and challenging it is to hold some of the poses. It builds such strength, balance, flexibility, and most of all, mindfulness. The best part of my day is meditating and practicing the message of the session throughout my day or week. Golf requires much focus and patience, so practicing mindfulness in yoga is great cross-training for the golf course. 

I used to hate working out my arms and back, but now it's one of my favorites! I make sure to incorporate at least one weight training session a week dedicated to back and arms. I love doing shoulder presses, different variations of bicep curls, and lat pull downs and rows. Another favorite arm work out of mine is a bridge crawl where I start in a bridge position, put sliders under my toes, and hold dumbbells  - then I use my arms to move my body forward and let my feet drag. I'm sore for days after but it hurts so good! 

In addition to running, I love hiking! As a golfer, I've learned to love the outdoors and being in nature. Running is so great for endorphins and getting your heart rate up, but hiking is also a great option for those who can't put the weight and friction of running on their joints. Not to mention, hiking can take you to amazing places like Emerald Bay! Can't beat this view.


If you're looking for some glute strength exercises, check out one of my older videos with certified trainer, Greg Johnson of Varimax Fitness, below!

Please leave a comment below if you have any more questions on my fitness regimen! I'm not a certified physical trainer and don't guarantee any results, but this is just a post about what I do for my golf game and overall health! 

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