How To Golf Confidently

How To Golf Confidently

This post was supposed to be about MiKaela's second lesson at Castle Oaks with Theresa but unfortunately, she got super sick this week! We'll have to reschedule and I'll update you all later on her progress!

Instead, I took out my best friend from high school golf, Lauren, to Catta Verdera and we had the best time! Not only did we enjoy spending the day together, but I played awesome! Are you wondering how awesome?! 

I finallyyyyy did it! After 12 years of playing, I finally made an eagle on a par 4! Isn't that crazy?! For whatever reason, I always got close to eagles but never made a deuce (or three on a par 5 for that matter). Luckily, I've had a hole in one before but this was my first par 4 eagle.


I made the eagle on hole #7 from 124 yards out using an 8 iron. My response after I hit was "Damn, that felt good!". I saw it tracking toward the hole but little did I know it went in!

To be quite honest, I hit the ball terrible on the range while warming up before the round. That just goes to show your warm up doesn't always dictate how you will play on the course!

I'm no instructor, but here are my best tips for feeling confident over the ball and knocking it close to the hole. 

 -Never ease up on the ball. Always grip it and rip it! It's better to hit it hard and miss than put a lazy swing on it and miss.

-Don't stand over the ball for too long. This results in overthinking and consequently, missing your target!

-Your warm up is just that, your warm up. Don't focus too much on where it is going. Instead, focus on making nice, fluid, consistent swings and loosening up your muscles. 

-Make sure you're aiming at your target. Sounds obvious but it is too easy to aim incorrectly on the golf course. Make sure to pick a spot a few feet in front of you in line with your target to aim at. I also turn my head very slowly and in a straight line toward the target to see if I'm in line with it or if I'm off. 

Hope these tips help you to golf more confidently and make more eagles! Or at least birdies ;) Remember to use my code NIKKIB20 for 20% off of anything at