Nikki-B Golf Reviews Introduction

Nikki-B Golf Reviews Introduction

Nikki-B Golf Reviews Introduction What's up guys! Nikki B here :)

Thank you for visiting my page. Just a few things about me:

I started playing golf at 13 years old. Although I got a little later start than most serious junior players, that didn't stop me from playing the game! I fell in love and got hooked fast on the individual yet social sport. With only one year under my belt, I made the girls varsity team at my high school. I went on to play collegiate golf and had the amazing opportunity of golfing, traveling and meeting new people while completing my studies.

Although I have not gone on to play professionally, golf has always been in my life and always will be! I am so intrigued by the new era of technology, fitness and popularity the game of golf has acquired.

That's why, with the help of iFit Golf, I decided to create Nikki B Golf Reviews. I hope to give you information on the latest and greatest in the industry, shave a few strokes off your score, hit the ball further off the tee, entertain you and make you laugh. Golf reviews should't be boring, they should be FUN! Thanks again for tuning in. Check back weekly for new reviews. Until then, see ya on the tee!