My Wedding At Edgewood Tahoe

My wedding at Edgewood Tahoe was an absolute dream come true. Picking a venue can be so stressful but when we stepped foot onto Edgewood for our tour, I got that feeling. You know the feeling of when you realized your partner is the one? That’s the feeling. We went with my gut and I’m so happy we did! Edgewood Tahoe is the most beautiful spot in South Lake Tahoe. Our wedding had the best location, staff, food, and vendors. All of these amazing photos are from my very talented, gracious, and beautiful photographer, Kirsten Bullard.

Before the wedding, Tom and the guys were able to have some fun on the golf course. They hit some chip shots and putt, and of course gave Tom crap for duffing his chip while the videographer was filming (HAHA SORRY BABE! LOVE YA!). Tom looked so good on our wedding day in his navy Men’s Wearhouse suit and I absolutely love these photos of the guys. Meanwhile, us girls were finishing getting glam in the bridal suite. We took some fabulous photos on the putting green though. How beautiful are my girls?! Their dresses were chosen by them from Morning Lavender Boutique (Emily, Molly, Lauren, all in blush), Lulus (Kelli and Rockelle in gray and taupe, center), and Show Me Your Mumu (Kirstin, gray far right). I love how all of the colors complemented each other so well.

The ceremony was by far the most beautiful hour of the wedding. I just can’t get over this spectacular view and the fact that we got to say “I Do” here. I also can’t believe I didn’t bawl my eyes out, but I got that done and over with when my dad and I did a first look. One thing I recommend to any bride is to take a couple seconds to look out at your family and friends. That is one memory I will have in my head and heart forever.

Now the reception! Our vendors, like Twine and Dandy, The 530 Bride, Flour Girl, and of course, Edgewood, did the most amazing job putting together the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. Yes, I’m biased but try and tell me it’s ugly. You can’t. Look at that sunset view. HOLY MOLY!

The way we released our wedding party and tables for dinner was so cool. Each “couple” that walked down the aisle came out to a different song and did a little dance. Our officiant, Tate, was surprised with “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and one groomsmen, Matt, and bridesmaid, Kirstin TRADED CLOTHES! It was SOOOOO funny, but everyone rocked it! At the end, the boys had Smirnoff Ices waiting for them from Tom. GOTCHA! (That’s only Ice #1 FYI). For dinner, we released tables by song too. Each table had a song title instead of a table number so when that song was played, they went up to get their food. It took a LOT of planning but Tom and I had so much fun doing it and our guests really enjoyed it too!

Our toasts were so unbelievably good. Our dads gave amazing speeches full of love and from the heart. My bridesmaid, Rockelle, iced me and Tom during her speech (thanks a lot, Rock! Ice #2). Tom’s best man, Russ, put together a hilarious presentation of Tom that made me question his bromances. LOL! When Tom gave our thank you speech, I was blown away by how eloquent and detailed it was. If you’re wondering why everyone is cheering at the end, it’s because the boys made a bet on Washington State in the casinos that morning. And they won DURING his speech!

The dances were so special. We did it a little untraditionally with the Mother/Son first, Father/Daughter second, and then the First Dance last. You might think that’s weird, but it was all part of our plan! After our first dance ended, we broke right into 24K Magic and EVERYONE SWARMED the dance floor! We danced ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Like no joke, I only took ONE bathroom break. ONE! I’ve never seen such a packed dance floor for the entire night at any other wedding. Shout out to Derek from Lake DJ for killing it! We put together a very long list of songs to choose from and he did an awesome job of reading the room for any low energy. However, I don’t think there was a bad song played all night! He kept playing HIT after HIT!

Looking at these photos has made me so happy. Our send off was amazing as well, although we didn’t want the night to end! I’m so excited for our future together and so happy Edgewood Tahoe was apart of it. Thank you to Edgewood, our vendors, and family & friends for making our wedding the best day ever.


Mr. and Mrs.

Tom and Nikki