Travel Tips with Stitch Golf

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I travel ALL THE TIME. Okay, maybe not all the time, but at least twice a month. Since I travel so often, I’ve learned how to pack efficiently and sensibly.

Recently, I’ve been using Stitch Golf’s travel bags. Most of you probably know them for their classic and chic golf bags and accessories, but they make amazing duffel bags and suitcases as well. Below are some of my favorite pieces and how I pack my belongings in them!



This Roller Duffle in the color String is such a perfect weekend getaway bag, or a carry on bag. It has the style of a duffle (and can be carried as one) but is easier to manuvere in the airport with its wheels. Bonus, it has an option to personalize with your initials!  

Pro Packing tip: lay your jeans and jackets on bottom as flat as possible (I usually fold both half) then roll the rest of your clothes! Such a space saver. 




The UGB is exactly what it stands for - the Ultimate Garment Bag. This bag is so cool because it is a garment bag for nice items you don’t want to fold with a space for the hanger. You lay the bag flat, zip in your garment, and then zip the bag up into a duffle bag! It’s the perfect short business trip bag. I put my nice dress in there for a weekend wedding getaway! The side pockets are for shoes but you can put anything in there (I put in my daily journal and book!). 

Pro Packing Tip: Bring plastic grocery store bags or reusable bags (like lululemon bags) for shoes so they don’t get on your clothes. I’m such a germaphob! Bring extra ones for dirty laundry too. If you forget, most hotels have plastic laundry bags but I try to reuse bags as much as possible.




Okay so this isn’t a travel bag, but how cute is this SL1 Golf Bag?! I’ve never had such a chic and timeless golf bag before. Tbh, I though these Stitch Golf bags wouldn’t have as much room in them since they are a more slim style, but I was able to fit everything in it from my old bag! 


Pro Packing Tip: Something I do for my golf bag, travel bags, and daily bags or purses is comparmentalize my things into smaller pouch bags. I hate when items get lost in the bottom of my bag, so this keeps all my things in an easily findable place. I get so many of those pouch/pencil bags for free that I finally found a good use for them! For example, I have all my lip stuff in one bag, medicine and vitamins in another bag, and charger and other electronics in another bag. No more Mary Poppins bag for me!




What are some of your pro Packing tips? Comment below! I could always use more!


Safe travels!


Nikki B