A Weekend in Napa Valley

Hi y’all! 

This past weekend I spent time in Napa Valley working and watching some golf at the Safeway Open at Silverado Resort and Spa. It rained quite a bit but it was still a fun weekend exploring one of my favorite places!

The Safeway Open is an awesome tournament- congrats Brandon Steele! Not only was it a weekend of great golf despite far from ideal conditions, but there is an amazing Food & Wine tent with local vendors and a FREE concert every night. That’s right- FREE! I enjoyed watching Charles Kelley play on Friday night which worked out great because I’m a huge country fan. Other nights they had X Ambassadors, Third Eye Blind, and even Jimmy Buffet!

Silverado Resort and Spa also had a great display of Travis Mathew front and center in the pro shop. I just love this crew and their support of TM! The polo front right and on display is called the Mame-it’s my favorite! It was so fun watching all of the TM guys out there and I even got a picture with Keegan. Great job to Chris Kirk this week for his top 10 finish!

I had the pleasure of staying at the Swiss Hotel in Sonoma, which is just a short 25 minute drive from Silverado. The Swiss Hotel is a historic landmark, built in the 1800s, and opened as a hotel and restaurant in 1909. It is located in downtown Sonoma in walking distance of plenty of five star restaurants and cool bars. There are only 5 rooms and it has a cool 19th century look and vibe. I stayed in room 3 which had an amazing reading nook, but all of the rooms have different decor, making it a unique-boutique-antique hotel 😉

In addition to the 5 rooms, there is also a restauarant and bar. The restaurant has an amazing back patio which I suggest sitting in. The food was to die for and of course there are plenty of local wines to choose from! I suggest the crab cakes to start and the butternut squash ravioli. Then you must finish the meal off with the chocolate brownie dessert! I’ve had a chocolate brownie or two in my lifetime, but this brownie/ice cream/caramel combination is just perfection!

For breakfast, I wandered to the Sunflower Cafe where I got a Soy Dirty Chai latte and a chocolate croissant. Probably the best I’ve ever had! I wish I had time to sit down and order, because the menu looks too good! Everything is local and organic which I love because it’s hard to eat healthy and clean on the road. This is definitely a spot I will go back to again. 

Until next time Napa…can’t wait for my next adventure ✌️️

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Training for Tahoe: Long Drive Champion Heather LeMaster

What’s up, guys! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing fellow Sacramento, CA native and 2013 ReMax Women’s World Long Drive Champion, Heather LeMaster.


Her and I both graduated from Sacramento State and competed on the women’s golf team there. I wish I could say that our driving capabilities are similar, but sadly the same alma mater is all we share! This week she is gearing up for the American Century Championship in beautiful South Lake Tahoe where she is competing for the 2016 title and also going to attempt to set the World Record for the Long Drive Record at Elevation. I asked her what she did to prep for the tournament and any advice she has for someone who wants to add more distance off the tee:


What got you started?
I started golf at a young age. It’s something my grandparents and mom did to enjoy together. My uncle built my clubs, so from the very get go, I had something that fit me, and family to do it with. I grew pretty quickly, and sooner than later I was using my grandma’s clubs. Grandpa and I would practice together, as it worked out he always let me tee off, he let me putt too, but he was a way better putter than I was.

What is your biggest area for improvement in your game today?
I feel like in golf, there is always so much to learn and that I can improve on. Golf is something that I’ll never stop trying to be better at. Currently, I’d say I wish I was better at hitting the green from 150 yards. I feel that Edgewood’s elevation will help me because it takes that mid-iron out of my hand, and puts a shorter club in it.

What is your training regimen like for golf and fitness?
Gregory Johnson and James McDonald. Constantly help me improve my training. Even living in Texas with my fiancé they keep their eyes on me. Without a solid training regiment, I’m positive my body wouldn’t hold up through the days and months of LongDrive I participate in.

What began your desire to hit the ball far?
To be honest, I really missed playing. On course, I was significantly longer than other gals, but I never thought about competing in long drive because I didn’t even know they had a women’s division. I was out practicing one day, and met a Senior Long Drive competition named Lonnie White. He was ripping the ball across the Haggin Oaks driving range, and I had to give it a try!!! I landed my first sponsor 6months later, and won my world title a year after that! I feel truly blessed with places I’ve gone to, and people I’ve met in my Longdrive career.

Is it something that came naturally to you or did you work hard to achieve distance?
I feel length I have off the tee is more natural. I have fun swinging for the stars and being #ladylong

What are some things you do to hit it further?
I swing a 48″ driver, and hit a 7.5* Callaway head. My equipment makes the biggest difference.


What is your best piece of advice to someone who is trying to hit it farther?
I always tell people that if they want to hit the ball farther, then make sure your contact is the best it can be, then start building swing speed, try new postures, and new gearing ratios. I try to remind them that when they want length, accuracy may suffer. It’s a give and take.

What is your goal one year from today?
4 months from now, I want to win the World Long Drive Championships at the Winstar Casino. One year from now, I want to have my PGA Certifications completed.

What would be your ultimate career achievement?
To be recognized as an outstanding and accomplished PGA female golf instructor.

Who/what is your favorite:

Riding Horses, being outdoors.

Authentic Sushi or a great Steak

Just play me something country.


Any advice for young girls who are wanting to play golf? Advice for women just starting to play?
Give yourself as much opportunity as you can. Golf is the sport of business and you can play it your entire life. Golf teaches you responsibility, and leadership roles. Not to mention the great feeling of being outdoors, and enjoying some exercise.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
Do things you love, because as long as you love it, you’ll always be successful and it will never feel like work.

My money is on Heather this tournament. You got this, girl! Represent SacTown!
Be sure to tune into my Facebook page as I will be Facebook Live-ing on the driving range during this event Tuesday July 19th at 5pm! Make sure you cheer her on and hopefully witness a new world record!


Photos courtesy of

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Play Your Course Redefines Golf Instruction

Golf is expensive. Golf doesn’t fit into my schedule. Golf instructors are too stuffy.

Your excuses to not play golf are no longer valid!

Play Your Course is a new and convenient way to get better at the game you love. Long gone are the days where you have to drive to an unknown golf course just to get a lesson by someone you don’t like. Through Play Your Course, you can search for instructors in your area that best fit your goals and personality. These instructors are at affordable prices and travel to nearby courses in your area. 
The best part about Play Your Course is that it is tailored just for you. Finding an instructor is as easy as entering your zip, answering a few questions based on your skill level, preferences, and goals, and *DINGDINGDING* Play Your Course finds instructors in your area that are perfect for you.

Play Your Course instructors are located nationwide, in most major cities, including Austin, Brooklyn, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Tampa- just to name a few! Even if you do not live in one of these major cities, the Play Your Course golf instructors will help you create the perfect golf destination vacation. Improving your game and exploring a city you’ve always wanted to visit? Score! Or should I say hole-in-one? 🙂 

Don’t hesitate to book your lesson. Do it TODAY and receive $25 off your first lesson with code NIKKIB at checkout! Click Here to play your course! 

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Life On The Run Collection From Saucony

What’s up, guys!

So sorry for the huge gap between posts. Life has been a whirlwind lately! I’m sure most of you can relate. My life is always on the run- between balancing a full time job, my blog, golfing, working out, and spending time with family and friends, there is really no time for sleep or relaxation!

If you don’t know already, my favorite thing to do to stay active (besides golf) is run.

  Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.48.48 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.51.30 PM

Through all of life’s triumphs and tears, blessings and barriers, peaks and pits, I try my best to put one foot in front of the other and kick ass.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.46.21 PM

My first pair of running shoes to train for my first half marathon were Saucony’s. They got me through that amazing (and freaking hard!) experience. Whether you’re on the run, or just on the go, Saucony shoes and gear add some swagger to your sweat. I wear Saucony when I need to work hard at the gym, run around the block, around town, around the lake, and or just to play.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.48.23 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.45.24 PM

While running, music is a huge part of my training. A good playlist is key to getting pumped up and motivated for the journey ahead. Here is what’s on my playlist right now:

-Vacation by Thomas Rhett

-Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers ft. Daya

-Can’t Stop The Feeling!- Justin Timberlake

-Work From Home by Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign

-Just Like Fire by P!nk

-Hotter Than Hell by Dua Lipa

-Fire by Brett Eldredge

-Wherever I Go- One Republic

-Me Too- Meghan Trainor

-You Can’t Stop Me by Brett Eldredge ft. Thomas Rhett

-Never Be Like You by Flume ft. Kai

-I Love Me by Meghan Trainor

My other best piece of advice for running is GET FITTED FOR SHOES! This is key! Saucony always comes out on top for me. My favorite part about Saucony is they how know to make a good running shoe- avoiding blisters and sore feet the next day after a big race or long day is key for me.

I also love that Saucony gear consists of fun, bright colors and patterns- you’ll never blend in. If you’re anything like me, blending in isn’t your thing.

So what is your thing? I want to know what your goal is before 2016 is over. My goal is to run another half marathon before Christmas. Within the next year, my goal is to run a full marathon! Leave a comment below and let me know your fitness (or life!) goal.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.50.41 PM

Remember, life doesn’t stand still, and neither do you! Get your Saucony gear here.


-Location: Grand Rapids, MI

-Photography/Videography: Rockelle Sande

-Sponsored by Saucony, but all opinions are my own 🙂

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Painting the Town Pink at the Swinging Skirts Classic in San Francisco


Hello friends!

What a weekend! Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe the weekend I had at the Swinging Skirts Classic. To begin the weekend, Kia sent me a sweet Optima to drive to the city in.

Day 1! 

I loved the Optima so much. Not only was the interior beautiful, but it was turbo- aka I tested it out on the freeway. Just kidding, Kia. Or am I? 😉 This car was so cool because it fit so much in the trunk- one set of clubs, three duffles, one big reusable shopping bag, two pillows and two blankets. It was the perfect road trip car!
Once we got to the city, we checked out all of the cool spots at the tournament at Lake Merced.

I loved this K900! It is Kia’s luxury car- LeBron James even drives one! Wish I could’ve taken it home with me


What’s cool about this tournament is all of the artwork. There are these cool animal statues all around the course with beautiful coloring and patterns. I had to give a shoutout to my girl Michelle Wie! #TeamWiezy
Then we checked in and went out sightseeing and got a BOMB dinner at Delarosa in the Marina district.

I highly suggest you check this place out if you want some good pie! The first pizza is arugula and proischetto. The one on bottom is margherita (my favorite!). The appetizer is a bruschetta with cheese, honey, and pecans. YUM! Get this bruschetta if you don’t get anything else.

After dinner, we took the Optima to explore the city a little bit down by the water in the Ghirardeli Square. There is a pier down below that I suggest you check out to get some cool shots of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge!

Day 2!

Friday was so cool because my friend Rocky and I got to walk inside the ropes with Michelle Wie! Huge thank you to Kia for making that happen. It was so inspiring to see how the LPGA pros play the game up close and personal. It was a little rainy and windy but that didn’t stop us! Being collegiate golfers and having to play in less than perfect conditions from time to time made us prepared for a little sprinkle ☔️

For our nightly activity- we had to go to a Giants game! Even if you are not a Giants or baseball fan, going to a game is a must when visiting the city! We went to “Golf Night” presented by Swinging Skirts. Big thank you again to Kia who got us the tickets!

We also met a friend at the game. This is Bailey. I’m pretty sure he’s part dog, part panda (very fitting for a Giants game) and part polar bear. Maybe also part lion. Him and I both stick our tongues out when we are thirsty for beer (and yes he did drink the last of my beer while I wasn’t looking. What a sneaky Bailey!)

Day 3! 

Saturday we were up and at ’em and off to Lake Merced Golf Course once again. We stopped off at this quaint coffee shop called Village Market near Presidio area. They had the best almond croissants! 😋

Then we took the Optima to the spectator parking lot where we hitched a ride in the sweet K900. Our driver Simon from Drive Shop was the best!

Once we got to the course, we headed for the Skybox to watch some golf and eat some lunch.

After lunch, we went out and watched Michelle Wie finish her round. Then we headed out for the day to get ready for a fun night. We went to a piano bar at Foley’s in Union Square and it was SO MUCH FUN! If you’ve never been to a piano bar I highly recommend going to one! Foley’s was so cool because we ate dinner at the restaurant there (which was delicious! I got the filet mignon which was cooked to perfection) then we headed downstairs to the underground piano bar. It’s basically like the Pitch Perfect pool riff on steroids. If you love music and classics, then this is a must for you! Here’s me trying to be a super cool blogger but then getting pics that come out like these. And no I didn’t even up wearing that- instead it was t-shirt and jeans and those booties.  At least I tried 💁🏼

Day 4! 

Final day in the city! I must say it was a good final day. We skipped the golf tournament to do some sight-seeing.

First was a little jog around the Marina. The Palace of Fine Arts is a pretty outdoor museum that you should check out in in SF.

After our work out, we brunched at The Brixton in the Marina Dirrict. We arrived at 10:55am which was perfect because it opened at 11! If you go here, that is the perfect time to arrive because there won’t be a wait for a table. We both ordered an eggs Benedict and split the Nutella and banana stuffed French toast because hello- brunch. I highly recommend the French toast. The Benedict were a little bland for my taste but I love spice so I just loaded it up win some hot sauce. Overall it was delish and the waitress was a homie (she got us regular sugar for our coffee from the back because apparently they only believe in artificial sugar here).

Warning! It is a tad hoity-toity there and fratty (as is all of the Marina and Pac Heights) but if you can get past that then you’ll have a good time. We may have looked like we fit in but I’m just not cool enough for that. If you want to know what bloggers really look like when they take pictures of their food, see below. Or maybe it’s just me 🤔

After breakfast we painted the town pink in my tulle pink ballerina skirt in honor of the “Swinging Skirts.” I think it was fitting don’t you?

Now this was so cool. This balcony is on top of a house that is for sale for $9M. It was fate that we stumbled upon this open house. For more picture of this gorgeous home, you can check it out here.  

Also this chair was just randomly sitting outside these homes on the sidewlk. It’s almost like they left it out for us for the perfect photo op! 
Once again, huge thanks to my friend Rocky (@rockellesande9) for snapping all of these amazing pictures, Kia for having me out at the Swinging Skirts Classic and congrats to Haro Nomura for winning!

Left my ❤️ in SF.

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Weather-Proof Makeup for Golfers

What’s up guys! With the weather warming up comes hot, sweaty rounds of golf! I decided to team up with my good friend and certified makeup artist Molly Isaacson to create a weather-proof, sweat-proof look that is perfect for out on the course or anything else active. Now I don’t recommend running or doing Tabata with a full face on because not only will it clog your pores, but you’ll just look dumb! However, this look is great for lighter activities like golf. Special thanks to my friends at Scorch Makeup for the lippes! So much fun to wear bright colors even while golfing. Buy 2 or more products and use code FREESHIPPING at check out for free shipping! Check out the video and let me know what you think! 🙂 

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Mastering The Ultimate Masters Party

What’s up, guys! Hope you had a wonderful Masters Sunday. We all know Jordan Spieth didn’t…ouch.  One minute you are leading by a mile and 30 minutes later you’ve lost The Masters. Talk about a mental breakdown. I completely feel for him- that was super tough to watch so I can’t imagine how he feels. Be sure to check out my good friend Lauren Abarca’s breakdown of Spieth’s breakdown and how she knows he will come back. 

But on the flip side, huge congrats to Danny Willet. Considering his baby was due on Masters Sunday but came a week early, I’d say that’s fate. His win was well-earned. This is why I love golf-it can be anyone’s game at any moment. 

I wanted to share with you what I made in order to throw the ultimate masters party and master being the #1 party host. In order to feel like we were at the masters as best we could, I made items from Augusta National’s actual menu. Scroll for the recipes. You won’t be disappointed!

For breakfast: 

Chicken Biscuit Sandwiches

Unfortunately I am no master chef. Fortunately, this recipe is so easy you don’t have to be! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of these. Side note, I’m not sure what actually is on this, but I made my own version. And it is damn delicious. You’ll need: 

-Pillsbury Biscuits

-Isernios Breakfasy Chicken Sausage Roll


-I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray 

To make: 

Preheat oven and follow directions on package to cook biscuits. While oven is preheating, create patties with the sausage roll. The easiest way is to freeze the roll for 30 minutes and then cut it into slices. Then, place patties in a lightly greased skillet over medium heat. Turn and cook until both sides are golden brown. While patties are cooking, scramble eggs. Once everything is cooked, spray biscuits with butter. If you’re feeling sassy, add honey to one (or both!) sides of the biscuit. You can thank me later. 

Breakfast drinks include mimosas and/or Azalea cocktails. What’s an Azalea cocktail you ask? You’re welcome:
Azalea Cocktails

– 1 part Gin

– 1 part Pineapple juice

– Splash of Lime juice 

– Splash of Lemon juice

– Splash of grenandine 

Stir and enjoy 🙂

Don’t forget your centerpiece! I found these fake Azalea look-alike flowers at Michael’s but here are some actual magnolias you can order online at Michael’s. For the golf balls you can use old ones rather than buy new ones. Or you can buy new golf balls and use them for the centerpiece then take them out to the course! 

For lunch:

It wouldn’t be a successful Masters party without Pimento Cheese Sandwiches or Sugar Cookie Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches! Be prepared for southern goodness. Is your mouth watering yet? 

Pimento Cheese Sandwiches 

– 4 oz Diced Pimentos

– 8 oz Kraft’s Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

-Alfaro’s Artesano style bread

– 1 cup Best Foods Mayonnaise 

– Dash of Ground Black Pepper

– Dash of Ground Red Pepper

Mix pimentos, cheese, mayo, and peppers together in a bowl. Then put on one slice of bread, top with another slice of bread, and WHAM! Heavenly cheesy, fatty, peppery goodness. 

Sugar Cookie Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches

 Although the Pimento Cheese sandwiches are famous, these sandwiches almost top them! 

Not only are they delicious, but super easy. 

-Pillsbury Sugar Cookies (I bought the precut squares)

-Haagen Dazs Orchard Peach Sorbet

All I did was bake the cookies according to the directions on the package and put the ice cream in the middle of the cookies once they were cool. Next time, I’m doing this instead:

Take parchment paper and scoop ice cream onto the paper about cookie size 1 inch or so apart from each other and flatten them to desired thickness. Then place parchment paper over the ice cream and freeze for about an hour. While the ice cream is in the freezer, bake the cookies a little less time than what the packaging says so they stay soft. Then once cool, place the ice cream in the middle and vióla! You have a sugar cookie peach ice cream sandwich. If you are having a Masters party, this dessert is a must! Georgia peaches, hello! Or you can make Peach Cobbler. Personally, these cookie sandwiches were way better than peach cobbler! And my guests agreed 🙌

I also suggest to require (or encourage) guests to wear green or dress in costume. Caddy outfits are easy: green hat, white painters suit, and a number on the front of the painters suit. Easy peasy and fun! 

Hope next year you can throw an amazing Masters party with these recipes and tips. Let’s also pray Jordan Spieth has a better Masters next year as well! 

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LPGA Kia Classic

What’s up, guys! Happy Wednesday! This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to the LPGA #KiaClassic at Aviara Golf Club in beautiful Carlsbad, CA. I watched some of my favorite LPGA players including winner Lydia Ko (that girl is on fire!), Paula Creamer, Lexi Thompson, Morgan Pressel, Michelle Wie, and Suzann Pettersen. I also was able to check out some cool Kia cars which is great because I’m in the market for a new car!

Here’s my mom and I arriving to the tournament on Saturday. Yeah my mom is cuter than me, I know. 

First stop was the entrance of the tournament checking out this Kia Soul. I actually used to have this car and after this weekend I’m thinking of getting it again! It’s so cute but practical and comfortable. It has enough room for clubs in the trunk which is always #1 on my list! Michelle Wie and I would be car twins again! 🙂 
Second stop was at the Kia photoshoot booth with Two Dudes Exposure! The crew was so nice and made me laugh- as you can tell from the photos! This was so much fun and free for all spectators! Such a great opportunity for a new family photo. Not to mention another cute Kia Soul in the background 🙂 

Next stop I watched Christina Kim on the driving range- she is so funny, I love her! Then, I went out to watch on hole 9 where I ran into the U.S. Marines. I thanked them for their service and for being out at the tournament and of course snapped a pic with them!

After watching a few groups hit into #9 green, we headed over to the Kia Skybox on hole #18 where I watched my girl Michelle Wie finish her round. I love her style! Also loving that K900 in the background.


While in the skybox, I ran into Tenley Molzahn from the Bachelor! As a huge Bachelor franchise fan, I was so excited to hear that she is a new golf lover. We had such a great time chatting and enjoying the tournament together!

Before we left, I watched a few different players on the practice greens and #9. I was also able to attend the Meet & Greet with Michelle Wie at the Kia K900 tent! It was so cool meeting her. I’m sure I can speak for most female golfers that her game and style is a total inspiration!

Then my mom and I were able to get a little R&R by the pool and have some fab Mexican food at Las Olas in downtown Carlsbad later that night!  The fish tacos were so good!

Sunday started with watching Lexi Thompson on the driving range. I could watch her hit the ball all day long! She is so long and consistent. 

Then, I said hello to the troops again on hole #9.  They said they would start following my blog so you better be reading this now guys! 😉

We stopped by the Kia photoshoot booth again where they snapped this great picture of my mama and me!

 Next family Christmas card photo? Sorry, dad!

And of course I had to take the opportunity to hit a few myself! The LPGA teaching pros were giving lessons right on the range right next to the LPGA players! So cool.

Before we left we checked out a few more booths and grandstands including this one with past winners. Were you guys surprised that Lydia Ko won?! I mean, come on the girl is a female version of Tiger! But even better! Did you know Tiger didn’t get 11 tour wins until he was 23? Lydia has won 11 times- and she’s only 18. Straight #girlpower right there.

Also, if you’re in Carlsbad area I definitely recommend visiting the Flower Fields! It was absolutely stunning and peaceful. This was fun to go to Easter morning  before heading to the tournament. 


Thank you to Kia for having me out at the event this weekend and for sponsoring this post! It was definitely an Easter/mother daughter weekend for the books.

Nikki B out!




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My Most Memorable Round of Golf at Cypress Point!

What’s up guys!
I experienced the most amazing round of golf earlier this month at Cypress Point in Pebble Beach, California. I can’t believe I was even lucky enough to play one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world- even some professional golfers have been denied to play there! If you don’t know what Cypress Point is, come out from under your rock and Google it. Or just keep reading on to find out more about the course, and my time there 🙂


We were the first group to tee off on February 15th, 2016 just as the sun was rising. I couldn’t have asked for a cooler first tee shot. My excitement was building so much before my first tee shot, that I felt as if I was teeing off in a tournament!


Here is a shot of the sun rising through the trees just to the right of the first green. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself



My drive ended up perfectly just right of the fairway in the rough



Can you see I can’t contain my enthusiasm?! 🙂 This is on the 1st green- can’t beat that ocean view!



This is a video of the superintendent’s dog, Remington. Needless to say he was the cutest lab ever and I wanted him! You can see how fresh the fairway is in this video as well. The superintendent is the one who got us on, so a HUGE thank you to him!




Here is a picture of our fab foursome of the day on the 3rd tee box! Myself and my dad with our friends- it was a daddy daughter day! <3



If you didn’t selfie, did it even happen? *still can not contain enthusiasm*



This is me with our caddy, Ray. He was the absolute COOLEST! He has been working at Cypress for over 40 years! Needless to say, he knew the course BETTER than the back of his hand. He had so many stories for us- from the history of the course, to the history of the area, to the nature and animals surrounding the course. Not to mention he was hilarious! He had me laughing all day long which is something I need from a caddy during a round of golf! If you ever have a chance to play there, and can request what caddy you want, request Ray! Although I am sure all of them are just as amazing 🙂



Of course Dad had to get his selfie in! Two peas in a pod!



Here is a picture of #8 from the tee box. It’s a funky dog leg hole. I hit my 3 wood off the tee and went through the fairway- luckily I landed it on the fairway of #9 though! No bunkers or schwack for me!



Here is a shot from the 12th fairway looking down to the green. Oh yeah, and the ocean. Ocean views EH-VER-Y-WHERE. Rough, I know.



More ocean for ya.



Hello from 13 green 🙂 The warm layers came off even before we got to 9. It was a gorgeous day- maybe the most gorgeous day I’ve ever seen in Pebble!



Here is a great picture of my dad, me, and Ray!



Absolutely gorgeous. If you are in Pebble Beach area, be sure to check out 17 mile drive. You will drive right here on this road along the beach the whole way.


Probably going to get this picture blown up. I have never seen the water so BLUE in Pebble Beach/Monterrey in my whole life. It was the perfect weather and weekend to say the least.



These cypress trees are so cool. That is all one tree. Yep. One! Our caddy Ray told us that the Native Americans used to live under these trees because they would provide such great protection against the wind, sun, and rain. I would live under a tree too if it meant waking up to the ocean every morning!

IMG_5207 IMG_5118

Crushed it. #14



#15 tee shot. Such a cool par 3. Along the water (of course), with a gully right in front of the green.



Me and Daddio on #15 tee box



Here’s the gully in front of the green on #15



Birdie, birdie, birdie time!



COOLEST SELFIE EVER?! This is #16- one of the most notorious holes in golf! It is a 222 yard par 3 (4 for ladies). And yes, you have to hit over the ocean to get it on the fairway and green. It looks intimidating but isn’t too bad- unless you’re a novice. Then beware! I got screwed by my tee shot on this hole- piped my driver but it ended up just left into the left green side bunker and then my sand game sucked so bad that I doubled. BOOOOOO. Normally, I’d be really pissed (and I was!) but I wouldn’t let that mess up get me down for the rest of the round. Gotta finish strong! Also, how could I be upset when I’m on one of the most beautiful places on the planet?



All smiles 🙂


Speaking of not getting upset, here is a placard on the 17th tee box. I don’t think there is a cooler place to pass on. Really makes you think about not stressing over the small things in life- like getting screwed over when you hit a good tee shot 🙂 May Mr. Bearden rest in peace.



Here is my tee shot on 17. I hit it center. Note to self- there is a tree in the middle of the fairway in front of the green. Either hit it on the left side or right side of the fairway- center is not good!



Here is the only picture I got of the clubhouse. It has a multi-million dollar west-facing view of the ocean (of course). It reminded me of a southern plantation, with the white exterior and green trim on the windows. Didn’t get a chance to go in. The locker room however had everything imaginable- candy, bottled water, sunscreen. Can’t say I didn’t take a few things! 🙂 The one thing we missed out on were the fresh chocolate chip cookies on #12. There is a guy who bakes these cookies fresh every day but he doesn’t show up until late morning. Don’t miss out on these cookies, I heard they are to die for!



With an 84, I was a happy camper. Only because I beat my dad! 🙂 I was one under on the back nine until I went double, bogey, bogey on the last three holes. I wish I would’ve done better but hey, it’s Cypress.



A delicious burger and AP to finish off the (al)most perfect day at Poppy Hills.


I’m so lucky I got to spend the day playing such a prestigious course, on a gorgeous day, with great people. Nothing beats that.




Nikki B out!

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What’s In My Bag?- What to Bring to a Professional Golf Tournament

What’s Up Golf Dudes and Babes!

I recently just got back from the Career Builder Challenge in beautiful, sunny, 75 degree La Quinta, California. I absolutely love watching PGA tournaments. It is so much fun to just kick back with a Bloody Mary, beer, or whatever you’re into and watch the pros hit amazing shots. It makes it even better when the weather is perfect outside- El Nino who? (Sorry, East Coasters).


I decided to share with you what I like to bring with me to a professional golf tournament. Also, I’ve included what I like what to wear- what I think is most appropriate and functional (cue eye roll at the chick wearing high heels on a golf course).


First of all, let’s check out what’s in my bag:



If you are a golf babe like me, you need a small bag with you to carry your ish. My favorite bag to take is a small cross body bag like this blue Kate Spade cross body I got for Christmas last year. It is the perfect size to fit just enough but not too big that the notorious gate keepers won’t let it in. I couldn’t find the exact one that I have but here is one that is similar.

Now since you are going to be outside all day, you need to protect your skin! Whenever I am out playing golf or watching a professional tournament (or doing anything outside for that matter), I always wear some sort of hat to protect my scalp and my hair color! My current favorite is this cute Golf Babes Lifestyle Hat. Cute design and very breathable! I also wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from those harmful rays. These Nike Vintage 82 Aviators are perfect to wear for both playing and watching- I love the blue lenses! Of course, I always wear high SPF sunscreen to protect the rest of my skin. Even though I’m covering my face with a hat and sunglasses, I still make sure to use these products- Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion and Coppertone Sport Stick SPF 55. The Triple Performing Facial Emulsion w/ SPF 15 keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated all day long, while the Coppertone Sports Stick gives me the extra SPF I need to protect my skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. To be honest, I actually use the stick all over my body and not just my face when I am out on the course! It is small, fits in any purse and gives me the protection my arms and legs need with SPF 55. It’s also clear which is great because I’m not trying to be the guy with the white triangle of sunblock on his nose.

I also bring Maybelline Baby Lips to keep my lips moisturized all day long (no wind or sun chapped lips for me!) and Purell Hand Sanitizer (because Port-O-Potties, EW).


My favorite thing to bring/wear is my FitBit tracker! Since I am walking all around the golf course all day long, I want to see how many steps I can get in in one day! The recommended daily average is 10,000 but if you are watching a professional tournament, you are bound to walk at least 6 miles! (More if you are making multiple trips to the bar- and in that case you should be walking at least 6 miles!)

Sidenote- I always try to bring in some sort of snack bar because you never know when you may be stranded on the furthest point of the golf course with no concession stand in sight. Or maybe you just can’t stand the thought of another hot dog. I feel ya. Speaking of food, I recommend hitting up Mastro’s Steakhouse in Palm Desert if you have the time and the money. That steak is worth the pretty penny, and so is the people watching.





As for outfits, I tend to go with a casual/golf/athletic/comfortable look. Let’s be real, walking around in jeans/dresses/shorty shorts are not comfortable or functional. No need to flash your new designer everything- unless you are a tour wife. Hello, Balenciaga. Personally, I like wearing skorts from Fabletics and Kyodan because they stand out from the other golf/athletic skirts out there! I pair the skort with a cute t-shirt or tank and a fun sports bra (the dark gray t-shirt had a cutout in the back and I had a cute, strappy Fabletics sports bra on underneath). Then, I always bring a lightweight long-sleeve to layer when it gets chilly in the morning and during the round. Most importantly, I always wear SNEAKERS! My favorite pair are the Lunarglide 7 running shoes from Nike. They are super supportive and cute- I have them in two colors. Sneakers/running shoes at a professional golf tournament are a MUST since you will be walking all day long. I know you may think that your sandals can tough it out but trust me- your feet will not thank you (ouch!).


No matter what, you will have fun. Especially if you take my advice! Just remember the essentials- sun protection, small bag, sneakers, and something to sip on 😉





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