How to Master the PGA Show Like a Pro 

What’s up golf biz people!

This year, I had the pleasure of kicking off my 2017 by going to the PGA Show in Orlando, FL. It was my first time at the show and I had many people warn me of what to expect before I left. “You’re going to feel overwhelmed”; “It’s huge. Three football fields long”; “You’re going to walk all day long, then attend parties, get no sleep, wake up hung over, and do it all again for three more days.”

Insert eye roll here. I mean, come on, how overwhelming and tiring can it really be? Luckily I woke up with no hang over (it’s a miracle!), but everything else was pretty accurate.

If you are wallowing over missing this year’s show and already planning your trip for next year, I’ll give you some specific tips so you can nail down the floor like a pro. No one will even know you’re a rookie!

Picture via @pgagolfshows Instagram

Tip #1- Go in with a plan. You can’t visit every single booth. This should go without saying considering there’s over 10,000 vendors but “just winging it” is not gonna fly. Most vendors and reps have appointments back to back from 8:30am to closing time. Before you leave, make a list of companies you must see, you want to see, and you would like to see. Then, contact these companies and reps, prioritizing the most important to least important, and ask for an appointment time to meet with them. I’d leave time for at least 15 minutes between appointments in case the companies are on opposite sides of the room (it’s a big freaking room). Also be sure to block off time for lunch- everyone goes at the typical 12-1 lunch hour so to avoid long lines and missing appointments or rushing your lunch, if you can go before or after that, I’d highly recommend it. Even better, pack your lunch or a good amount of snacks while you rest in the PGA Pro Lounge!

Picture via @pgaofamerica Instagram

Tip #2- Stay somewhere close to the Orange Convention Center. Whereas a decent but cheap hotel 3 miles away may sound great, you’ll end up spending an extra $200 on a rental car or Uber and Lyft rides like I did 🙁 I recommend staying at the Hyatt right across from the convention center, not only for its convenience but also because most everyone stays there which is great for pre-party networking at the 5 bars they have in the hotel. If the Hyatt is a little out of your price range, there are plenty on that main drag, so anything within .5 miles would be just as convenient!

Tip #3- Keep it casual. Even at the parties, dress code is typically casual, business casual, or golf casual. Duh. Since you’ll be walking around all day long for 3 or 4 days straight, do yourself a favor a wear sneakers. Yes, ladies, even you. Don’t worry about having to stick out of the crowd in a cute dress and heels (unless of course you’re hosting or reporting for Golf Channel, like my girl Chantel McCabe below!). The fact that you are a female, you will stand out plenty. Everyone is in golf clothes or normal business casual (more on the casual side), so if you want to opt out of golf clothes, that’s totally okay. Just make sure whatever you wear, it’s comfortable. Luckily, Tisha and I were decked out in JoFit, which is so comfy and adorable. Thank you JoFit for all of the amazing swag!

Tip #4- Bring sunscreen. You might be thinking, “Nikki, that doesn’t make sense. The show is indoors!” This is true, however, Day 1 of the show is Demo Day which is outside all. day. long. If you didn’t plan to go to Demo Day, I’d suggest going. It’s a 360 degree driving range with every equipment company, swing aid company, and miscellaneous golf company that you can’t even think of. This day was so much fun because they bring out PGA pros and other golf personalities. Cobra Puma throws a great party every year, equipped with a DJ and free Red Bull Vodkas. Holla! Since you’ll be outside all day long, hitting balls or dancing after a few too many Red Bull Vodkas, you’ll need sunscreen to avoid turning into a tomato for the next three days. That look doesn’t look good on anyone! My personal favorite sunscreen is by Sun therape Pro Sport by Pharmagel. It is SPF 35, doesn’t feel sticky, and even has advanced anti-aging, daily protective moisturizer in it’s formula. Even though I’m in my early 20s, I’m a huge proponent of anti-aging and moisturizing benefits because of all the sun exposure from golfing in the sun all day, every day. If you are an avid golfer (which if you’re reading my blog right now, I’m guessing you are) or are just out in the sun a lot, you need to try this sunscreen. Your skin will thank you!

Tip #5- Don’t interrupt. I saw this happen, and had this happen to me, way too many times at the show. If you see someone in a one-on-one or small group conversation, your thought can wait. Business deals are happening at this show, so interrupting an awesome conversation is going to ruin train of thought and just plain rude. Patiently wait on the side until their conversation is finished or if it looks like it is ending. With that being said, don’t be afraid to walk up to people you don’t know! Introduce yourself to anyone and everyone you want to meet. Everyone is here for the same goal and purpose, and will be more than happy to chat. Just make sure your timing is right 😉

Tip #6- Attend as many parties as you can. Although you will be exhausted, this is a great place to meet and network with people. Most parties are pretty easy to get on the list so if you hear of one, be sure to stop by the booth and ask. This year, Topgolf and Travis Mathew threw amazing parties at BB King’s. There were people from a variety of companies and courses. Even if you do not want to stay long, show up for an hour or two. You never know who you might meet!

Tip #6- And finally, HAVE FUN! 🙂  

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A Look Back at 2016- Nikki B’s Golf Travels

What a year!

That phrase pretty much sums up my 2016. I didn’t realize how much I traveled, but I went somewhere every month! Let’s take a look…

January 2016

Palm Springs, CA

My annual trip to the desert for the Career Builder Challenge! This event is so great to get into the warm sunshine during the winter blues. I always stay at the Embassy Suites in La Quinta and have to make a stop at The Nest.



February 2016

Monterey, CA

Another one of my favorite events, The AT&T ProAm. I got pictures with a ton of my favorite celebs and golfers, but the best part of the trip was playing Cypress Point the day before my birthday! It is a round of golf I’ll never forget. We always stay at the Abrego Hotel and stop by Roy’s at Spanish Bay for a sunset dinner out on the patio.

img_4964 img_5026 img_5040 img_5038 img_5223 img_5105

March 2016

Scottsdale, AZ

This was the event that created Women With Drive! I stayed in a house with 8 other women whom I’m still close to today, many becoming some of my best friends! We stayed at an awesome AirBnB house just outside of Scottsdale and played at the beautiful Orange Tree Country Club.







Carlsbad, CA

My first event with Kia! I spent the weekend with my mom at the Kia Classic at Aviara Golf Club, watching the amazing LPGA players! So awesome watching some of my role models. I’ve also played Aviara and I highly recommend for a challenging course in San Diego area! We stayed at the Hilton Cape Rey which is an amazing oceanfront hotel!



April 2016

San Francisco, CA

My second event with Kia! This was a great weekend with one of my best friends, Rockelle. We stayed at a sweet AirBnb in Laurel Heights area, which isn’t listed anymore unfortunately. It is a great area to stay in though! I recommend staying in the Marina/Pacific Heights area as there is great food, shopping, and it is not as crowded as Union Square! Some of my favorite restaurants are Tipsy Pig, Brixton, Delarosa, Sabrosa, and Tacolicious- just to name a few!




May 2016

Murrieta, CA

The first ever Women With Drive event! This was so much fun! We hosted it at Eagle Glen Golf Club, which was such a great course to play! I was so happy to meet a few of the WWD ladies that I met through social media but not in person yet! Can’t wait for the next one coming May 6th and 7th, 2017 at Riverwalk GC in San Diego!




June 2016 

Grand Rapids, MI

My third event with Kia! I had never been to Michigan before, so this was SO cool! We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott, which I highly recommend (the staff was great!) or the riverside JW Marriott. I loved exploring this beautiful state, especially downtown. It had great bars and places to eat! If you go to one, HopCat is the place to go! Great food and big selection of beer. You must check out the Blue Bridge (there’s a selfie spot!) and if you can, drive an hour west to Lake Michigan! I also got to play Blythefield Country Club in the ProAm as Kia’s guest which was such a treat! My team should have won! 😉



July 2016

South Lake Tahoe, NV

Ah, the American Century Championship aka the Tahoe Celebrity! This may be my favorite time of the year. I love this course, the views, the lake, the people, the tournament- everything! I highly recommend going to Lake Tahoe at some point in your life, and the Tahoe Celebrity is definitely a plus! There are a ton of great new restaurants on the strip now. I usually stay at Harrah’s or Harvey’s, but the Marriott is also one of my favorites. If you can get a round at Edgewood, it is a must. The views on 17 and 18 are superb- right on the water! A hidden gem which is down in the valley of Carson City, NV is Clear Creek. I had the pleasure of playing here 3 years ago with a group of the celebrities and it was a blast! All the other courses in the greater Tahoe/Truckee/Reno area are awesome!




August 2016

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What a vacation! This was my first time in Mexico, and to be honest, I was a little nervous! I’d always heard of food poisoning horror stories from the water. But, this was THE BEST TRIP EVER! Not only was I with some amazing women, Tisha Alyn, McKenzie O’Connell, Savannah Vilaubi, Samantha Stockton, and Miko Page, but we stayed at the MOST AMAZING RESORT EVER! Honestly, the hospitality at these resorts was SUPERB. Casa Del Mar and El Ganzo are two boutique hotels in between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo that I will definitely go back to stay at. From the hotel rooms, to the food, to the views, to the pools, to the beach, to the staff…everything was beyond perfect. I have never met such genuinely nice staff and hosts. The hotels are different but amazing in their own rights- Casa Del Mar is more traditional and old school beauty, whereas El Ganzo is full of art and high fashion. El Ganzo also has a rooftop pool and bar. Need I say more? I’ve never had better food than at these two hotels, not to mention yummy drinks.

Now the golf was UNFREAKINGREAL. We played at Cabo Real and Puerto Los Cabos. Can you say OCEAN views on almost EVERY hole?! Not to mention, we pretty much had the courses to ourselves since it was off season (and the hotels!). August is a great time to go for this reason! The courses were both so well maintained I almost felt bad for tearing them up! They both had such unique holes and undulations, that they are two challenging and fun courses.

Definitely my #SB2K16 trip of the year! Or should we say #WWD2K16?!





September 2016

Huntington Beach, CA

Visited my BFF Rockelle and Travis Mathew HQ! I absolutely love Huntington Beach and it’s no wonder Rockelle chose to live there. I would definitely stay somewhere near Pacific City- a retail and food hub smack-dab on Pacific Coast Highway. Need I say more? On this trip I visited a handful of courses but my favorite was Monarch Beach. I hope to play there someday!




October 2016

Napa, CA

I absolutely love wine country. Napa and Sonoma are two beautiful countryside towns that you must visit once in your lifetime. Of course for the amazing wine, but the beautiful landscape and amazing restaurants! I was able to catch a few holes of the Safeway Open on Saturday and Sunday. I love Silverado and hope to play there someday! I stayed at the The Swiss Hotel located in Downtown Sonoma, which was the quaintest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. It is a historic landmark, how cool is that?! It only has five rooms, so you’ll have to book quick. I loved it’s uniqueness and the fact that it is a five star restaurant and bar on the first floor! No need to even go anywhere for dinner and drinks!



November 2016

San Diego, CA and Venice, CA

This trip was a whirlwind! I went from San Diego (which my flight was diverted to Ontario and I took an Uber ride with three strangers at midnight from there to San Diego, arriving at 3am!) to Huntington Beach to Venice then back home! Tisha and I went to the Callaway Petco Park event which was a blast! I met another WWD girl there for the first time, Laurel Gill, and we still chat all the time! Then I hung out in Huntington Beach as a little pit stop to visit Rockelle for a bit and my good friend Brett from Gios Golf. After that, Tisha and I headed to Venice to meet our friends at ClickON to film some cool content for WWD.





December 2016

Palm Springs, CA

This trip was my dad’s surprise 60th birthday weekend! We had so much fun staying at the JW Marriott Desert Springs and playing the Palm course there. Check my other blog post about the weekend here. I absolutely love the desert and I swear I’ll be retiring there!




Where to next?! I can’t wait for all of the adventures that lay ahead in 2017! I hope it consists of more travel, new friends, old friends, and making memories to last a lifetime! I’m off to Palm Springs (again, I know!) for the GolfMatch Cali Classic & Career Builder Challenge and then Orlando for the PGA show at the end of this week! Any recommendations for Orlando? I’ve never been! Can’t wait to see what the future of 2017 holds.

“There are far better things ahead than any we lay behind” ~ C.S. Lewis

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Golf Lover’s Christmas Gift Guide

Hey friends!

Somehow Christmas is already upon us, and like many of you I wait until the last minute to shop for Christmas presents. If you’re frantically searching what to buy for the golf lover in your household, fret no more! My golf lover’s gift guide is here!

Before you browse my products, some friends and I created a GoFundMe account to help the less fortunate this holiday season. We plan to create gift bags and pass them out a few days before Christmas. If you’d like to help us help others, please feel free to donate here. Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Golf-Loving Grandpa

Grandpa loves the classics because he is a classic! You can never go wrong with Titleist ProV1’s, a Titleist Glove, or an Argyle Sweater!




Junior Golfer

The junior golfer in your life wants the coolest and newest hot items. He or she is not super into what equipment they have, but mainly, what they are wearing! Gotta be looking fly on the course, of course! 😉

I’d suggest Stance Socks, Nike Shoes, and a G Belts hat.






Golf Babe

Now this is the fun part for me! Your golf babe slashes it around on the golf course and looks amazing doing it. Get her items that she will cherish and squeal over when she opens up the gift! I’d suggest JoFit anything! I love JoFit because they have not just golf apparel, but fitness and casual apparel that can all be worn on or off the golf course! Remember you get free shipping for orders over $75!



I’d also suggest an Ecco purse– I have the one below in gray and I love it! I also love these casual Ecco shoes that you can wear on and off the course!



I’m absolutely loving these GFore Golf Gloves. They have them in pretty much every color imaginable so you will be able to find her favorite color for sure! I also love their shoes, as they are similar to the casual, traditional Ecco style!


For your bold golf babe, Scorch Makeup Lipsticks are so perfect to add a pop of color on and off the course! Use code NIKKIB at checkout for 25% off your order, and if you buy 2 or more products, you get free shipping!

scorch-lip scorch-lipgloss

Okay, okay, so I may be getting a little side-tracked here and away from golf gifts…BUT this company is too good to pass up! I’ve been a Rocksbox member for just over a year now. It is a monthly jewelry subscription box at only $19.99 a month! The best part is, you get $10 shine credit every month and discounts on all of the pieces if you wish to keep one, two, or all three! This is great for the jewelry lover in your life. You can either buy a one, three, or six month subscription for her.  If you use code NIKKIBGOLFXOXO at check out, you get the first month free! Score!


And finally, I’m loving these Argan Oil hair products from RG Cosmetics! I’m currently using the Keratin X-press with Argan Oil before I blow dry my hair and the Argan Oil for whenever I get out of the shower. Since I dye my hair (sadly, I am not a natural blonde), any mask or treatment is ideal! I also use the Collagen Shampoo and Mask at least once a week for a little lovin’. Any of these would be a perfect stocking stuffer for your mom, girlfriend, wife, friend, or sister!

collagen-rg argan-oil-rg

The Guy With Expensive Taste

Now this guy is frustrating to buy for because he likes the finer things in life! This is probably someone super close to you, like a husband or father. PXG equipment is the perfect item to buy for this guy for Christmas. PXG is super hot right now and super expensive, so if there is a guy in your life who you want to splurge on, this is the gift for him! I suggest you let the guys over at iFit Golf custom fit him into the clubs, so getting a gift card would be ideal.


The Puttskee Master is perfect for the guy who likes to show off his golf toys! It’s basically like skeeball but for putting! Right now they are having a Christmas special at 20% bringing the price down to $527.00.


Of course, any golfer with expensive taste will love a Scotty Cameron putter. Definitely can’t go wrong with one of these! If you’re not sure which one he would prefer, try peeking into his bag and looking at the style of the head and go from there!



And Finally- For the Golf Guy or Gal Who Already Has Everything!

This person is the worst to buy for! What do you buy for someone who has every golf product, training aid, apparel and everything in between?! Well, I guarantee they do not have at least one of these items below!

This fun Travis Mathew hat is sure to turn heads while out on the course! This is a great hat for on and off the course!


For the Puppy Lover! The Masters will be here before we know it and this t-shirt is too fun! It’s on sale right now and proceeds go to animal shelters!

golf_perfecttee_wht_grande-the-puppies golf_mens_blk_grande-the-puppies

Is this golf lover one who practices inside on the carpet when it’s raining outside? Then the Puttskee Puttsee is perfect for him or her, but doesn’t cost as much as the bigger version above! This training aid allows you to insert your phone and record your stroke while working on your putting.


Ace Golf Club Co. has beautiful genuine leather products without the expensive price tag! A genuine leather scorecard holder is always a great gift for the guy or gal who has everything. I doubt he or she uses one now, and if they do, a new, nice one would be so refreshing! If they don’t, it will be a new product they’ll certainly cherish and use!

golf-scorecard-holder-black-genuine-leather_large pink-suede-alligator-leather-golf-scorecard-holder-yardage-book-cover_large

I don’t know about you, but I love a good, funny t-shirt! I pretty much live in t-shirts so when they are golf-themed, that’s even better! SwingJuice has some pretty awesome golf-themed shirts, and even ones themed for the holidays. I must say, the Beef one is my favorite!

masterssweater beefraglans

I love anything that can set me apart from everyone else’s golf gear, so I love these Gios Golf head covers! Gios Golf head covers are classic, timeless, and best of all, made here in the USA. Use code WWDXMAS for 30% off your order until Dec. 25th!

gios-headcover gios-driver-headcover

I hope this gift guide helped you find gifts for the golfer or golf lover in your life! Once again, if you wish to donate to my GoFundMe account to help the less fortunate this holiday season, you can click here.

Also! For many discounts on these brands, go to and join! It’s completely free and you reap the benefits of discounts to brands like JoFit, GFore, G Belts, Ecco, Dick’s, Golf Galaxy, Loudmouth, Bargray, Golf Iconic, Heather Grey and much more!

Happy Holidays everyone!


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Palm Springs December Getaway

This past weekend, my mom and I surprised my dad with a trip to Palm Springs for his 60th birthday! It was a weekend filled with golf, drinks, pool time, and great food. Can you say ideal weekend getaway?!

We surprised him with the destination at the airport, as my boyfriend and I “just so happened” to meet them there. Southwest is my favorite airline to fly from SMF to ONT, which is only just over an hour drive to Palm Springs.

We stayed at the beautiful and luxurious JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa. Rates right now are unreal because it is their off season. First stop was a nice, casual lunch at Oasis by the pool. We were greeted by the resort’s “Birdman” who let me take a picture with his falcon! There are birds also in the lobby of the property including a talking parrot named Cowboy who liked telling me “goodbye.” I’ll definitely be coming back here even when I have kids because the resort is great for families!

For dinner we went to downtown Palm Springs and ate at Las Consuelas Terraza for some yummy Mexican food and margaritas. We lucked out because the Thursday night street fair was happening that night. There were awesome artists, crafters, and jewelers with some great music and food.

Friday morning started at the resort’s fitness center which is fully equipped with machines, free weights, a squat rack, and studio. After our morning work out, we enjoyed a delicious and healthy breakfast at the Rockwood Grille. There are selfie spots around the resorts so make sure you find them to take your selfies! 😉

Friday afternoon included the 3rd surprise- another one of my dad’s friends strolling up to the driving range at the resort’s course!

We enjoyed playing the Palm course despite the wind and chilly temp! The course is pure and tricky, with hilly fairways surrounded by water and homes. My favorite hole is #3 which is a long par-3 with water in front and to the left of the green and bunkers all around. I’m always up for a challenge!

Before dinner we took pictures in front of the Christmas tree in the lobby. It was hard to feel in the spirit of Christmas with the beautiful weather but this beautiful, big Christmas tree sure helped!


We then ate at Fisherman’s Grill located at the resort. I ordered the Woo Woo for my drink (peach, vodka, cranberry) mainly because of the funny name, but it was delicious! For dinner, I had the Cajun style Mahi Mahi with grilled mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. We finished with tiramisu for dinner which finished off a fantastic dinner perfectly.

We made these little goodie bags for everyone filled with tees, sunscreen, mints, and Titleist ProV1 X’s that said “Happy 60th Buck!” on them.


My dad received some great gifts, including some gag gifts like these briefs with a ball pocket. And no not golf balls! LOL.



Saturday was golf for the boys at the Plantation (exclusive all men’s country club) and spa day for the girls at the resort. Check out my cool whip I drove around the desert and dropped the guys off in. Can you say soccer mom?!

Look! Another selfie spot!

Enjoying a nice glass of rose by the spa pool after my amazing deep tissue massage. Request Claudia if you go!

Saturday night we went to Solano’s in Old Town La Quinta which is one of my favorites in the desert! We did a family style meal and had all kinds of fish, meat, and delicious sides. It’s definitely the best place for a nice dinner if you want to spend a little moola! We ordered the Mocha Mud Pie for dessert which is coffee ice cream with an Oreo cookie base. One word: WOW.

Sunday morning was sadly our last day! But, we enjoyed one last walk around the resort before we headed out.





Does anyone remember this hotel from Saved By The Bell?! Remember they featured the boat rides?



I can’t wait to go back!

img_9653 img_9658


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Clip Coach by Play Your Course

Now your coach can come to you! This app is super cool if you’re looking for a quick fix but don’t have the time or big dollars to see a coach! Totally customizable for what you need and what you can afford. This is especially great for people who haven’t found a good local coach or live too far from any good coach! See my lesson from Chris Tschirhart here!


Can’t wait to try out these tips Chris gave me! Download in the iTunes App Store here!

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A Weekend in Napa Valley


Hi y’all!

This past weekend I spent time in Napa Valley working and watching some golf at the Safeway Open at Silverado Resort and Spa. It rained quite a bit but it was still a fun weekend exploring one of my favorite places!

The Safeway Open is an awesome tournament- congrats Brandon Steele! Not only was it a weekend of great golf despite far from ideal conditions, but there is an amazing Food & Wine tent with local vendors and a FREE concert every night. That’s right- FREE! I enjoyed watching Charles Kelley play on Friday night which worked out great because I’m a huge country fan. Other nights they had X Ambassadors, Third Eye Blind, and even Jimmy Buffet!

Silverado Resort and Spa also had a great display of Travis Mathew front and center in the pro shop. I just love this crew and their support of TM! The polo front right and on display is called the Mame-it’s my favorite! It was so fun watching all of the TM guys out there and I even got a picture with Keegan. Great job to Chris Kirk this week for his top 10 finish!

I had the pleasure of staying at the Swiss Hotel in Sonoma, which is just a short 25 minute drive from Silverado. The Swiss Hotel is a historic landmark, built in the 1800s, and opened as a hotel and restaurant in 1909. It is located in downtown Sonoma in walking distance of plenty of five star restaurants and cool bars. There are only 5 rooms and it has a cool 19th century look and vibe. I stayed in room 3 which had an amazing reading nook, but all of the rooms have different decor, making it a unique-boutique-antique hotel 😉

In addition to the 5 rooms, there is also a restauarant and bar. The restaurant has an amazing back patio which I suggest sitting in. The food was to die for and of course there are plenty of local wines to choose from! I suggest the crab cakes to start and the butternut squash ravioli. Then you must finish the meal off with the chocolate brownie dessert! I’ve had a chocolate brownie or two in my lifetime, but this brownie/ice cream/caramel combination is just perfection!

For breakfast, I wandered to the Sunflower Cafe where I got a Soy Dirty Chai latte and a chocolate croissant. Probably the best I’ve ever had! I wish I had time to sit down and order, because the menu looks too good! Everything is local and organic which I love because it’s hard to eat healthy and clean on the road. This is definitely a spot I will go back to again.

Until next time Napa…can’t wait for my next adventure ✌️️

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Training for Tahoe: Long Drive Champion Heather LeMaster

What’s up, guys! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing fellow Sacramento, CA native and 2013 ReMax Women’s World Long Drive Champion, Heather LeMaster.


Her and I both graduated from Sacramento State and competed on the women’s golf team there. I wish I could say that our driving capabilities are similar, but sadly the same alma mater is all we share! This week she is gearing up for the American Century Championship in beautiful South Lake Tahoe where she is competing for the 2016 title and also going to attempt to set the World Record for the Long Drive Record at Elevation. I asked her what she did to prep for the tournament and any advice she has for someone who wants to add more distance off the tee:


What got you started?
I started golf at a young age. It’s something my grandparents and mom did to enjoy together. My uncle built my clubs, so from the very get go, I had something that fit me, and family to do it with. I grew pretty quickly, and sooner than later I was using my grandma’s clubs. Grandpa and I would practice together, as it worked out he always let me tee off, he let me putt too, but he was a way better putter than I was.

What is your biggest area for improvement in your game today?
I feel like in golf, there is always so much to learn and that I can improve on. Golf is something that I’ll never stop trying to be better at. Currently, I’d say I wish I was better at hitting the green from 150 yards. I feel that Edgewood’s elevation will help me because it takes that mid-iron out of my hand, and puts a shorter club in it.

What is your training regimen like for golf and fitness?
Gregory Johnson and James McDonald. Constantly help me improve my training. Even living in Texas with my fiancé they keep their eyes on me. Without a solid training regiment, I’m positive my body wouldn’t hold up through the days and months of LongDrive I participate in.

What began your desire to hit the ball far?
To be honest, I really missed playing. On course, I was significantly longer than other gals, but I never thought about competing in long drive because I didn’t even know they had a women’s division. I was out practicing one day, and met a Senior Long Drive competition named Lonnie White. He was ripping the ball across the Haggin Oaks driving range, and I had to give it a try!!! I landed my first sponsor 6months later, and won my world title a year after that! I feel truly blessed with places I’ve gone to, and people I’ve met in my Longdrive career.

Is it something that came naturally to you or did you work hard to achieve distance?
I feel length I have off the tee is more natural. I have fun swinging for the stars and being #ladylong

What are some things you do to hit it further?
I swing a 48″ driver, and hit a 7.5* Callaway head. My equipment makes the biggest difference.


What is your best piece of advice to someone who is trying to hit it farther?
I always tell people that if they want to hit the ball farther, then make sure your contact is the best it can be, then start building swing speed, try new postures, and new gearing ratios. I try to remind them that when they want length, accuracy may suffer. It’s a give and take.

What is your goal one year from today?
4 months from now, I want to win the World Long Drive Championships at the Winstar Casino. One year from now, I want to have my PGA Certifications completed.

What would be your ultimate career achievement?
To be recognized as an outstanding and accomplished PGA female golf instructor.

Who/what is your favorite:

Riding Horses, being outdoors.

Authentic Sushi or a great Steak

Just play me something country.


Any advice for young girls who are wanting to play golf? Advice for women just starting to play?
Give yourself as much opportunity as you can. Golf is the sport of business and you can play it your entire life. Golf teaches you responsibility, and leadership roles. Not to mention the great feeling of being outdoors, and enjoying some exercise.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
Do things you love, because as long as you love it, you’ll always be successful and it will never feel like work.

My money is on Heather this tournament. You got this, girl! Represent SacTown!
Be sure to tune into my Facebook page as I will be Facebook Live-ing on the driving range during this event Tuesday July 19th at 5pm! Make sure you cheer her on and hopefully witness a new world record!


Photos courtesy of

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Play Your Course Redefines Golf Instruction

Golf is expensive. Golf doesn’t fit into my schedule. Golf instructors are too stuffy.

Your excuses to not play golf are no longer valid!

Play Your Course is a new and convenient way to get better at the game you love. Long gone are the days where you have to drive to an unknown golf course just to get a lesson by someone you don’t like. Through Play Your Course, you can search for instructors in your area that best fit your goals and personality. These instructors are at affordable prices and travel to nearby courses in your area.
The best part about Play Your Course is that it is tailored just for you. Finding an instructor is as easy as entering your zip, answering a few questions based on your skill level, preferences, and goals, and *DINGDINGDING* Play Your Course finds instructors in your area that are perfect for you.

Play Your Course instructors are located nationwide, in most major cities, including Austin, Brooklyn, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Tampa- just to name a few! Even if you do not live in one of these major cities, the Play Your Course golf instructors will help you create the perfect golf destination vacation. Improving your game and exploring a city you’ve always wanted to visit? Score! Or should I say hole-in-one? 🙂

Don’t hesitate to book your lesson. Do it TODAY and receive $25 off your first lesson with code NIKKIB at checkout! Click Here to play your course!

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Life On The Run Collection From Saucony

What’s up, guys!

So sorry for the huge gap between posts. Life has been a whirlwind lately! I’m sure most of you can relate. My life is always on the run- between balancing a full time job, my blog, golfing, working out, and spending time with family and friends, there is really no time for sleep or relaxation!

If you don’t know already, my favorite thing to do to stay active (besides golf) is run.

  Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.48.48 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.51.30 PM

Through all of life’s triumphs and tears, blessings and barriers, peaks and pits, I try my best to put one foot in front of the other and kick ass.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.46.21 PM

My first pair of running shoes to train for my first half marathon were Saucony’s. They got me through that amazing (and freaking hard!) experience. Whether you’re on the run, or just on the go, Saucony shoes and gear add some swagger to your sweat. I wear Saucony when I need to work hard at the gym, run around the block, around town, around the lake, and or just to play.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.48.23 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.45.24 PM

While running, music is a huge part of my training. A good playlist is key to getting pumped up and motivated for the journey ahead. Here is what’s on my playlist right now:

-Vacation by Thomas Rhett

-Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers ft. Daya

-Can’t Stop The Feeling!- Justin Timberlake

-Work From Home by Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign

-Just Like Fire by P!nk

-Hotter Than Hell by Dua Lipa

-Fire by Brett Eldredge

-Wherever I Go- One Republic

-Me Too- Meghan Trainor

-You Can’t Stop Me by Brett Eldredge ft. Thomas Rhett

-Never Be Like You by Flume ft. Kai

-I Love Me by Meghan Trainor

My other best piece of advice for running is GET FITTED FOR SHOES! This is key! Saucony always comes out on top for me. My favorite part about Saucony is they how know to make a good running shoe- avoiding blisters and sore feet the next day after a big race or long day is key for me.

I also love that Saucony gear consists of fun, bright colors and patterns- you’ll never blend in. If you’re anything like me, blending in isn’t your thing.

So what is your thing? I want to know what your goal is before 2016 is over. My goal is to run another half marathon before Christmas. Within the next year, my goal is to run a full marathon! Leave a comment below and let me know your fitness (or life!) goal.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 4.50.41 PM

Remember, life doesn’t stand still, and neither do you! Get your Saucony gear here.


-Location: Grand Rapids, MI

-Photography/Videography: Rockelle Sande

-Sponsored by Saucony, but all opinions are my own 🙂

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Painting the Town Pink at the Swinging Skirts Classic in San Francisco



Hello friends!

What a weekend! Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe the weekend I had at the Swinging Skirts Classic. To begin the weekend, Kia sent me a sweet Optima to drive to the city in.

Day 1! 

I loved the Optima so much. Not only was the interior beautiful, but it was turbo- aka I tested it out on the freeway. Just kidding, Kia. Or am I? 😉 This car was so cool because it fit so much in the trunk- one set of clubs, three duffles, one big reusable shopping bag, two pillows and two blankets. It was the perfect road trip car!
Once we got to the city, we checked out all of the cool spots at the tournament at Lake Merced.

I loved this K900! It is Kia’s luxury car- LeBron James even drives one! Wish I could’ve taken it home with me


What’s cool about this tournament is all of the artwork. There are these cool animal statues all around the course with beautiful coloring and patterns. I had to give a shoutout to my girl Michelle Wie! #TeamWiezy
Then we checked in and went out sightseeing and got a BOMB dinner at Delarosa in the Marina district.

I highly suggest you check this place out if you want some good pie! The appetizer is a bruschetta with cheese, honey, and pecans. YUM! Get this bruschetta if you don’t get anything else.

After dinner, we took the Optima to explore the city a little bit down by the water in the Ghirardeli Square. There is a pier down below that I suggest you check out to get some cool shots of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge!

Day 2!

Friday was so cool because my friend Rocky and I got to walk inside the ropes with Michelle Wie! Huge thank you to Kia for making that happen. It was so inspiring to see how the LPGA pros play the game up close and personal. It was a little rainy and windy but that didn’t stop us! Being collegiate golfers and having to play in less than perfect conditions from time to time made us prepared for a little sprinkle ☔️


For our nightly activity- we had to go to a Giants game! Even if you are not a Giants or baseball fan, going to a game is a must when visiting the city! We went to “Golf Night” presented by Swinging Skirts. Big thank you again to Kia who got us the tickets!

We also met a friend at the game. This is Bailey. I’m pretty sure he’s part dog, part panda (very fitting for a Giants game) and part polar bear. Maybe also part lion. Him and I both stick our tongues out when we are thirsty for beer (and yes he did drink the last of my beer while I wasn’t looking. What a sneaky Bailey!)

Day 3! 

Saturday we were up and at ’em and off to Lake Merced Golf Course once again. We stopped off at this quaint coffee shop called Village Market near Presidio area. They had the best almond croissants! 😋

Then we took the Optima to the spectator parking lot where we hitched a ride in the sweet K900. Our driver Simon from Drive Shop was the best!

Once we got to the course, we headed for the Skybox to watch some golf and eat some lunch.

After lunch, we went out and watched Michelle Wie finish her round. Then we headed out for the day to get ready for a fun night. We went to a piano bar at Foley’s in Union Square and it was SO MUCH FUN! If you’ve never been to a piano bar I highly recommend going to one! Foley’s was so cool because we ate dinner at the restaurant there (which was delicious! I got the filet mignon which was cooked to perfection) then we headed downstairs to the underground piano bar. It’s basically like the Pitch Perfect pool riff on steroids. If you love music and classics, then this is a must for you! Here’s me trying to be a super cool blogger but then getting pics that come out like these. And no I didn’t even up wearing that- instead it was t-shirt and jeans and those booties.  At least I tried 💁🏼

Day 4! 

Final day in the city! I must say it was a good final day. We skipped the golf tournament to do some sight-seeing.

First was a little jog around the Marina. The Palace of Fine Arts is a pretty outdoor museum that you should check out in in SF.

After our work out, we brunched at The Brixton in the Marina Dirrict. We arrived at 10:55am which was perfect because it opened at 11! If you go here, that is the perfect time to arrive because there won’t be a wait for a table. We both ordered an eggs Benedict and split the Nutella and banana stuffed French toast because hello- brunch. I highly recommend the French toast. The Benedict were a little bland for my taste but I love spice so I just loaded it up win some hot sauce. Overall it was delish and the waitress was a homie (she got us regular sugar for our coffee from the back because apparently they only believe in artificial sugar here).

Warning! It is a tad hoity-toity there and fratty (as is all of the Marina and Pac Heights) but if you can get past that then you’ll have a good time. We may have looked like we fit in but I’m just not cool enough for that. If you want to know what bloggers really look like when they take pictures of their food, see below. Or maybe it’s just me 🤔

After breakfast we painted the town pink in my tulle pink ballerina skirt in honor of the “Swinging Skirts.” I think it was fitting don’t you?

Now this was so cool. This balcony is on top of a house that is for sale for $9M. It was fate that we stumbled upon this open house. For more picture of this gorgeous home, you can check it out here.  

Also this chair was just randomly sitting outside these homes on the sidewlk. It’s almost like they left it out for us for the perfect photo op! 
Once again, huge thanks to my friend Rocky (@rockellesande9) for snapping all of these amazing pictures, Kia for having me out at the Swinging Skirts Classic and congrats to Haro Nomura for winning!

Left my ❤️ in SF.

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